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About Us

All of our clothes are made in Los Angeles. Yes, we are home grown and proud Angelenos! We believe it's important to support our community by keeping everything local.

We make our clothing thoughtfully and we believe that you should not compromise on comfort, quality, fashion, or style. We want you to wear something that is classic, fun, and high quality. 


Meet the Founders: Micheal Epsteen, Cassandra Bejarano-Smith, and Vicky Houghton.

Schlep was founded in Venice, California by three friends and seasoned "garmentos" who believe in creating clothing that is fun, comfortable, and won't make you look like a slob (aka: schlep). Our product line is made with love, our fabrics feel lush, and you can wear our clothes from the bedroom, to walking the dog, and out to enjoy a meal with friends.